International Taxation

Subject Event Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
ISG On International Taxation 14th November, 2018 International tax impact of Ind AS Bhaumik Goda Download
Certificate Course on Multilateral Instruments 13th October, 2018 MLI -Articles 4, 10 and 11 (BEPS Action Plan 6 Report) Shabbir Motorwala Download
Other Anti Avoidance Measures: Article 8 & 9 MLI Daksha Baxi Download
Panel Discussion -Case Studies Anish Thacker
Vishal J. Shah
12th October, 2018 Transparency by Preferential tax regimes (BEPS Action 5 Report) and Transparency-Transfer Pricing documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting, Indian Rules (BEPS Action 13 Report) CA Karishma Phatarphekar Download
Exchange of Information and Tax Transparency Mr. Rahul Navin, IRS Download
Preparatory and Auxiliary activity Exemption, Anti-fragmentation Rules and Splitting of contracts – Articles 13, 14 and 15 (BEPS Action 7 Report) CA Yogesh Thar Download
MLI Implementation in India and Global Trends – Key Issues and What Next? Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh, IRS Download
Certificate Course on Multilateral Instruments 6th October, 2018 Simplified Limitation on Benefits Prevention of Treaty Abuse – Article 7 of MLI CA Jiger Saiya Download
Prevention of Treaty Abuse – Article 6 (Preamble) and Article 7 (PPT) [BEPS Action 6 report] CA Geeta D Jani Download
Commissionaire Arrangement ,and Agency PE Section 9 and Article 12 and 15 of MLI Sanjay Sanghvi, Advocate Download
Prevention of Treaty Abuse – Understanding India impact through select case studies Vishal Gada Download
5th October, 2018 Transparent Entities and Elimination of double taxation – Article 3 and 5 of MLI CA Vispi T. Patel Download
Analysis of MLI and Its Operations CA Radhakishan Rawal Download
Limitation on interest expenditure – BEPS AP 4 & section 94B CA Bhaumik Goda Download
Intensive Study Group Meeting 1st October, 2018 Taxation trends in Digital & E-commerce arena Dr. Amar Mehta Download
ISG on International Taxation Meeting 18th September, 2018 E-Commerce – key tax considerations CA Jasdeep Sahani Download
SC on International Taxation Meeting 6th September, 2018 Recent Development on the concept of permanent Establihment Mr. Divesh Chawla, Advocat Download
FEMA SC Meeting 4th September, 2018 Issues in Reporting under FEMA: LRS and ODI (Part 2) CA Vishal Shah Download
FEMA SC Meeting 23rd August, 2018 Issues in Reporting under FEMA: LRS and ODI Vishal D. Shah Download
Full Day Seminar on International Taxation Jointly with Pune Study Group 19th May, 2018 1. Issues in International taxation
2. Recent development in transfer pricing
3. Issues in FEMA with special focus on recent compounding orders
4. POEM – a new test of residency for companies
1. CA Pramod Achutanan
2. CA Dinesh Supekar
3. CA Rajesh P Shah
4. CA Bhaumik Goda
Webinar on International Taxation – Crypto Currency- An Analysis 24th April, 2018 Crypto Currency- An Analysis CA Rashmin Sanghvi Download
Study Circle on International Taxation Meeting Jointly with ISG on International Taxation 26th March, 2018 Recent amendments in the budget for international taxation and recent development in Permanent Establishment. CA Jimit Devani and Ms. Shraddha Kothari Download
Webinar on Taxation of Foreign Shipping Company 24th January, 2018 Webinar on Taxation of Foreign Shipping Company CA Natwar Thakrar Download
Webinar on Do’s Dont’s for NRIS Under FEMA 11th January, 2018 Do’s Dont’s for NRIS Under FEMA CA Harshal Bhuta Download