About the Chamber of Tax Consultants

  • Established in 1926, the CTC is a 93 years non profit organisation with the core objective of professional development of its member spread across the accounting, tax & legal aspects. Its vision is to be a powerhouse of knowledge in the field of fiscal laws in the global economy.
  • The chamber contributes to the development of law and the profession through research, analysis and dissemination of knowledge.
  • It has Mumbai and Delhi chapters and has study group in Pune and Bangalore. Its day-to-day functioning is.....

President Message

Being a leader is complicated. You need to take decisions, and take decisions quickly at times, you need to take along people of different thought processes, different cultural backgrounds and different traits with you. Yet, it is never about the role and is always about the goal, the ultimate objective. A quarter has swiftly flown by, from the time I have assumed office, and this has been a very unusual period for all of us. We all had hoped and prayed...

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