LMS - Foreign Countries Taxation Laws

30 June 2024, 06:23 PM

LMS - Nuances of new age Shares and Securities

30 June 2024, 06:24 PM

LMS -Online Transfer Pricing Master Class 2023

30 June 2024, 06:00 PM

Half-day Seminar on Restructuring of Family Owned Businesses [Hybrid Mode] - (for Physical) - 15th March, 2024

Walchand Hirachand Hall, 4 th Floor, IMC Building IMC Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai
15 March 2024, 02:30 PM

About the Chamber of Tax Consultants

  • Established in 1926, the CTC is a 97 years non profit organisation with the core objective of professional development of its member spread across the accounting, tax & legal aspects. Its vision is to be a powerhouse of knowledge in the field of fiscal laws in the global economy.
  • The chamber contributes to the development of law and the profession through research, analysis and dissemination of knowledge.
  • It has Mumbai and Delhi chapters and has study group in Pune and Bangalore. Its day-to-day functioning is.....

President Message

Dear Members,
As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of India's Constitution and the establishment of the Supreme Court, this marks a pivotal moment for us as professionals to reflect on our roles and responsibilities. This occasion not only honors our historical achievements but also outlines the future path for our professions. The Constitution and the Supreme Court stand at the core of our democratic values and professional practices. Our duty to uphold these principles is more crucial than ever, ensuring we remain steadfast guardians of legal integrity. The recent emphasis on the modernization of our judicial system, including the adoption of digital tools and updated legal frameworks, is transforming the way justice is served. This evolution calls for our active participation and adaptability to uphold excellence in our fields. Our expertise and foresight will . .........

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