LMS - Workshop on Tax Audit

31 January 2024, 06:28 PM

LMS - GST Refund and Issues Thereof

31 January 2024, 06:26 PM

LMS – Landmark Income Tax Rulings

31 January 2024, 06:25 PM

LMS - TDS u/s 195 on Foreign Remittances

31 January 2024, 06:27 PM

LMS- Analysis of Finance Bill, 2023

31 January 2024, 06:22 PM

LMS - Foreign Countries Taxation Laws

31 January 2024, 06:23 PM

LMS - Nuances of new age Shares and Securities

31 January 2024, 06:24 PM

About the Chamber of Tax Consultants

  • Established in 1926, the CTC is a 97 years non profit organisation with the core objective of professional development of its member spread across the accounting, tax & legal aspects. Its vision is to be a powerhouse of knowledge in the field of fiscal laws in the global economy.
  • The chamber contributes to the development of law and the profession through research, analysis and dissemination of knowledge.
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President Message

Dear Members,
The overhaul of India's criminal justice system is long overdue, aiming to replace outdated colonial-era laws. The introduction of new bills to replace key legal frameworks like IPC, CrPC, and the Indian Evidence Act is a positive stride. However, the lack of transparency and public involvement is concerning. This transformation is vast, impacting all citizens, necessitating open dialogues. The new bills need more public participation. Notably, the renaming of offenses shouldn't disguise their nature. The proposal of capital punishment for mob actions is a novel but delicate concept. Ambiguous and antiquated laws on criminal defamation require clarity. While speeding up justice is important, practical feasibility is paramount. Current forensic capacity might hinder the envisioned progress. Let's deliberate comprehensively, avoiding haste in these significant changes.........

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