Chamber’s Journal

January 2023
Special Story: Start-Up : Funding, Tax & Regulatory Aspects

Past Journal

December 2022
Business Restructuring – GST Implications and Issues

November 2022
Special Story: Joint Development/Re-development of Property -GST & Income-tax Implications

October Journal 2022

September Journal 2022
TDS & TCS Contemporary Issues in Law & Practice

August Journal 2022
Financial statements and changes in audit report

July Journal 2022
Multilateral Instrument changing contours of International Taxation

June Journal 2022
Individual Income Tax Returns: Issues & Considerations

May Journal 2022
Reassessment Proceedings: Changing Law and Dynamics 


April Journal 2022
Schedule I to III of GST Act – Scope and GST Implications

March Journal 2022

February Journal 2022
Finance Bill – 2022

January Journal 2022
Digital Transformation in Tax & Finance

December Journal 2021
Cryptocurrency : Accounting, Tax & Regulatory Aspects

November Journal 2021
Contemporary Issues in Accounting (under Indian GAAP, Ind AS and ICDS)

October Journal 2021
A Tribute to Late Shri Patil Saab

September Journal 2021
Taxation on Reconstitution of Firm – A Paradigm Shift

August Journal 2021
Recent Amendments in Companies Act

July Journal 2021
Exemptions under GST Law

June Journal 2021
Non-Banking Financial Company

May Journal 2021
Concept of Income under Income Tax Act

April Journal 2021
Recent Supreme Court Rulings

March Journal 2021
Employee Stock Option Plan

February Journal 2021
Finance Bill – 2021

January Journal 2021
Taxation of Digital Economy

December Journal 2020

November Journal 2020
Faceless Assessments & Appeals and New Survey Procedures under Income-Tax Act

October Journal 2020
Related Party Transactions

September Journal 2020
Audit – Contemporary Issues

August Journal 2020
Recent Changes and Intricacies

July Journal 2020
International Finance Service Centre (IFSC)

June Journal 2020
Impact of Covid-19

May Journal 2020
Landmark Supreme Court Rulings

April Journal 2020
Issues, Irritants, Uncleared Concepts and Controversies in GST

March Journal 2020
Taxation of Financial Services – Key Issues

February Journal 2020
Finance Bill 2020

January Journal 2020
Taxation of Immovable Properties

December Journal 2019
Charitable Organisations (N.G.O/N.P.O) – Part II

November Journal 2019
Charitable Organisations (N.G.O/N. P. O) – Part I

October Journal 2019
GST Frauds, Offences, Penalties and Prosecution

September Journal 2019
Estate & Succession Planning

August Journal 2019
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

July Journal 2019
Finance Bill 2019

June Journal 2019
Shares & Securities – Part II

May Journal 2019
Amendments in GST Law in FY 2018-19 (Including Real Estate) & Amnesty Scheme For MVAT

April Journal 2019
Shares & Securities – Part I

March Journal 2019
Concepts Relevant to Taxation Law & Practice – Part -II

February Journal 2019
Concepts Relevant to Taxation Law & Practice – Part -I

January Journal 2019
Fund Raising from Corportes

December Journal 2018
Income from Unexplained Sources

November Journal 2018
Audit/ Certifications under Goods & Services Tax Act

October Journal 2018
Changes in Corporate Laws

September Journal 2018
Business Income

August Journal 2018
Standards on Accounting

July Journal 2018
Business Trust

June Journal 2018
NRI – Fema, Taxation & Other Compliances

May Journal 2018
Penalties & Prosecution – Part II

April Journal 2018
Penalties & Prosecution – Part I

March Journal 2018
Mergers & Acquisitions

February Journal 2018
Fiannce Bill 2018

January Journal 2018