Program on Learning Management Solution (LMS)

Program on Learning Management Solution (LMS)
What is LMS?
  • LMS is aimed to provide a great learning experience to its members Anywhere, Anytime!
  • It is a powerful online learning management platform whereby videos of some of the most important programmes held during the year will be streamed at the click of a button.
  • It will also provide an easy access to all the learning materials and presentations delivered by the experts on the subject matter.
    The Video recording & Presentations will be available on subscriptions basis for the members.

If any queries, please contact – [email protected].

On payment, participant will receive a registration link of the LMS platform where, one can register by filling in basic details like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number & Email Address. After verification, Access will be granted for “30 Days” from the date of approval.
Following programs are available on LMS Platform

S.No. Topic For Details Payment Link
1 LMS – Workshop on Analysis of Finance Bill, 2023 View Here Member Non-Member
2 LMS – Webinar Series on Foreign Countries Taxation Laws View Here Member Non-Member
3 LMS – Seminar on Nuances of new age Shares and Securities View Here Member Non-Member
4 LMS –  NBFC – Accounting, Audit and Regulatory Aspects View Here Member Non-Member
5 LMS – Landmark Income Tax Rulings View Here Member Non-Member
6 LMS – GST Refund and Issues Thereof

View Here

Member Non-Member
Student Member
7 LMS – 2-Day Study Course on TDS u/s 195 on Foreign Remittances View Here Member Non-Mmber
8 LMS – Workshop on Tax Audit View Here Member Non-Member
9 LMS – Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT CITY)- a 360-Degree Tax and Regulatory Perspective View Here Member Non-Member
10 LMS – 5th Study Course On Interpretation Of Tax Statutes

View Here

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Student Member