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1. IDT SC Meeting 3rd August, 2018 1.  Issues under Accounts closing & reconciliation under GST 1. CA Gaurav Save Download


2. Public Lecture Meeting on E Way Bill 22nd May, 2018 1. Legal & Technical Aspects of E-Way Bill
2. Practical Issues in E-Way Bill
3. Live session on Generation of E Way Bill
4. Questions & Answers Session
1. CA Janak Vaghani
2. CA Manish Gadia
3. CA Jignesh Kansara
4. All faculties


3. Webinar on E way Bill 28th March, 2018 Legal Aspects CA Parag Mehta Download
4. E Way Bill under GST 23rd & 30th Jan, 2018 • Detailed Analysis of Rule 138 of CGST Rules in respect of E Way Bills
• Practical implication with the help of different scenarios
CA Manish Gadia Download
Explanation and actual demonstration of
• Registration by Consignors, Consignee and Transporters
• Generating E-Way Bills via Portal, SMS and APIs
• Modification ,Cancellation, Rejection, Extension and Bulk Upload
• Preparatory work
CA Mitesh Kaitra Download
5. GST Study & Refresher Course 1st to 4th Nov, 2017 1. Levy, Supply, related schedules and mixed / composite supply 1. CA Divyesh Lapsiwala  Download
2. Place of supply including cross border transactions. 2. CA Naresh Sheth
3. Input tax credit 3. CA Vinod Avtani Download
4. Exemption and RCM 4. CA Rajiv Luthia Download
5. Valuation and Job wok 5. Mr. Shailesh Sheth, Advocate  
6. GST Returns, documentation, invoices etc. 6. CA Manish Gadia Download
7. Panel discussion on issues and case studies 7. Panelists:
Mr. V Sridharan, Senior Advocate : CA Parind Mehta
Mr Rohit Jain, Advocate
Moderator: CA Naresh Sheth
6. GST Return Filling : Practical Issue : Q & A Session 16th September, 2017 GST Return Filling : Practical Issue : Q & A Session CA Mitesh Katira Download
7. Basics of GST, Returns, Accounting and Returns Features in Tally 11th August, 2017 GST Roadmap, Overview & Transitional Provisions CA Parag Sheth Download
GST Basic Concept, Place of Supply, Time of Supply and Composition Scheme CA Sanjay V. Gajra Download
Practical session on Accounting and Return filing via Tally Software Mr. Hiral Soni Download
8. GST Returns : Provisions, Process and Software options  8th August, 2017 1. Return filing legal provisions , process, New Form 3B
2. Practical session on Return filing via GSTN Free Software
1. CA. Parag Mehta
2. CA Mitesh Katira
9. Half Day Seminar on GST Compliance: Information Technology Perspective 19th June, 2017 1. Getting your organisation ready for GST Compliance
2. GSTN, GSP-ASP Ecosystem
3. Electronic Way Bill
4. Return filing process, workflow, Challenges, Strategy
1. CA Alok Jajodia
2. CA Dinesh Tejwani
10. Orientation Course on GST Law Bill 26th April to 29th April, 2017 Presentation on Levy, meaning & scope of supply CA Naresh K. Sheth Download
Place of Supply of Goods CA Sunil Gabhawalla Download
Input Tax Credit Mr. Harsh Shah, Advocate Download
Presentation on Value of Taxable Supply (section 15 of GST Act) CA Rajiv Luthia Download
E-Commerce CA Vikram Mehta Download
Returns including Draft GST Return Rules CA Ashit Shah Download
Brain Trust Session Moderator
CA A. R. Krishnan
CA S. S. Gupta
CA Parind Mehta
Mr. L. Badri Narayanan, Advocate
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