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Sr.No Subject Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
1 Study Group Meeting 27th Jan, 2015 Legal Maxims Paras Savla, Advocate Download
2 Study Group Meeting 6th Nov, 2014 Legal Maxims Mr. Gautam S. Thacker Download
3 Study Group Meeting 21st Feb, 2014 Legal Maxims Mr. Sameer Dalal, Advocate Download
4 Study Group Meeting 30th Jan, 2014 Legal Maxims Mr. Rahul Hakani, Advocate Download
5 Study Group Meeting 6th Dec, 2013 Legal Maxim Ms. Priti Shukla, Advocate Download
6 Study Group Meeting 7th Oct, 2013 Recent Judgments under Direct Tax Mr. Jitendra Singh, Advocate Download
7 Study Group Meeting 19 Aug, 2013 Legal Maxims Mr. Madhur Aggarwal Download
8 SG Latin Maxim 28th Jun, 2013 SG Latin Maxim Mr. Rahul Hakani Download
9 Legal Maxims - CITC 24th Apr, 2013 Legal Maxims - CITC Mr. Paras Savla Download
10 Generalia Specialibus non derogant 26th Feb, 2013 Legal Maxims - CITC Ms Priti Shukla Download
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