Editorial K. Gopal
From the President Manoj Shah
An Introduction to – Ved and Vedanta V. H. Patil
1. SPECIAL STORY : Negative list based Taxation of Services
1. Negative List based Taxation of Services – An Overview Bakul B. Mody
2. Principles of Interpretation – Section 66F of the Finance Act Suresh Nair
3. Concept of Service Shailesh P. Sheth
4. Declared Services Sunil Gabhawalla
5. Taxable Territory, Place of Provision of Service Rules, 2012
and concept of export of service
Udayan D. Choksi
6. Negative List of Services Bharat Shemlani
7. Sector/Industry wise Exemptions Rajiv Luthia
8. Valuation of Taxable Services, Abatements and Composition Jayesh M. Gogri
9. Challenges of Dual Taxation vis-a-vis VAT C. B. Thakar
10. Recent changes in CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004 Hasmukh Kamdar
11. Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 – Recent Developments Rajkamal Shah
12. Reverse Charge Mechanism (Special focus on Dual Charge) Shilpa Sharma
13. Impact on IT Sector Ravishankar Ramaswamy
14. Impact on Real Estate Sector Naresh K. Sheth
15. Impact on Entertainment Sector Dinesh Kumar Agrawal
16. Impact on Banking and Financial Sector Sangeeta Mhatre
17. Impact of Negative list based Service Tax regime on retail sector Jayraj S. Sheth & Pratyush Chattopadhyay
18. Impact on Power Sector V. K. Gupta
19. Impact Analysis of Recent changes in Service Tax on the
Hospitality Industry
Sagar Shah
Supreme Court B. V. Jhaveri
High Court Ashok Patil, Mandar Vaidya & Priti Shukla
Tribunal Jitendra Singh & Sameer Dalal
Statutes, Circulars & Notifications Sunil K. Jain


Case Law Update Tarunkumar Singhal & Sunil Lala


VAT Update Nikita Badheka
Service Tax – Statute Update Rajkamal Shah & Naresh Sheth
Service Tax – Case Law Update Bharat Shemlani

6. corporate LAWS

Company Law Update Janak C. Pandya

6. Other LAWS

FEMA Update Natwar Thakrar & Pankaj Bhuta
7. BEST OF THE REST Ajay Singh
8. Tax Articles for your reference Kishor Vanjara
8. ECONOMY & FINANCE Rajaram Ajgaonkar
9. Your questions & our answers V. H. Patil
10. THE CHAMBER NEWS Hitesh Shah & Paras Savla
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