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Editorial K. Gopal
From the President Manoj Shah
An Introduction to – Ved and Vedanta V. H. Patil
1. SPECIAL STORY : Internal Audits
1. Emerging Role of Internal Audit Nagesh Pinge
2. Role of Internal Audit in Contemporary Business World Shailendra Kothavale
3. Internal Audit – A Profit Centre V. Swaminathan
4. Role of Internal Audit in Fraud Prevention, Detection,
Management & Reporting
Chetan Dalal
5. Integration of ERM with Internal Audit Haresh Dua
6. Internal Controls an Internal Audit Jagdish Shenoy
7. Role of Internal Auditor in Overall Corporate Governance B.K. Vatsaraj
8. Internal Audit and Information Technology Rahul Joglekar
9. Internal Audit in Industry Specific Environment
– Internal Audit in Banks
Vinaya Parvate
10. Internal Audit in Industry Specific Environment
– Manufacturing and Service Sector
Tejas J. Parikh
11. Internal Audit in Industry Specific Environment
– Internal Audit in Non Profit Organizations
Vipin Batavia
12. Internal Audit Outsourcing vs. In-house Smita Gune & Ankush Puglia
13. Management of an Internal Audit B.K. Vatsaraj
Supreme Court B. V. Jhaveri
High Court Ashok Patil, Mandar Vaidya & Priti Shukla
Tribunal Reepal Tralshawala, Jitendra Singh

& Sameer Dalal
Statutes, Circulars & Notifications Sunil K. Jain


Case Law Update Tarunkumar Singhal & Sunil Lala


Central Excise and Customs – Case Law Update Hasmukh Kamdar
Service Tax – Statute Update Rajkamal Shah & Naresh Sheth
Service Tax – Case Law Update Bharat Shemlani

5. Corporate Laws

Company Law Update Janak C. Pandya

6. Other LAWS

FEMA Update Natwar Thakrar & Pankaj Bhuta
7. BEST OF THE REST Ajay Singh
8. ECONOMY & FINANCE Rajaram Ajgaonkar
9. Your questions & our answers V. H. Patil & S.N. Inamdar
10. THE CHAMBER NEWS Hitesh Shah & Paras Savla
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