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Sr.No Subject Event Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
1. IDT SC Meeting 4th October, 2017 Issues in Valuation and Time of Supply in GST CA Shreyas Sangoi Download
2. IDT SC Meeting 6th September, 2017 Work Contract, Mixed Supply & Composite Supply CA Keval Shah
CA Kush Vora
3. Webinar on Transition Issue 24th August, 2017 Transition Issue Adv. Parth Badheka Download
4. IDT SC Meeting 11th August, 2017 Issues under Classification of goods & Service under GST CA Prerana Shah Download
5. Indirect Tax Study Circle Meeting 25th July, 2017 Issues under Transitional Provisions and understanding of Trans-1 form under GST CA Shrenik Shah Download
6. Indirect Tax Study Circle Meeting 17th May, 2017 GST impact analysis on service sector based on Revised MGL - Part II CA Payal Shah
CA Parita Shah
7. Indirect Tax Study Circle Meeting 18th April, 2017 GST impact analysis on service sector based on Revised MGL CA Parita Shah
CA Payal Shah
8. Indirect Tax Study Circle Meeting 23rd March, 2017 GST Impact Analysis on Manufacturing Units CA Jignesh Ghelani Download
9. Study Course on Interpretation of Tax Statutes 17th ,18th, 24th, 25th March, 2017 Principles and Rules of Interpretation like Golden Rule, Heydon’s Rule, Purposive construction, Literal construction, Strict construction etc; Interpretation of Penal statutes Shri Sunil M. Lala, Advocate Download
Subsidiary Rules and Aids to Construction, Internal and External aids Shri Bharat Raichandani, Advocate Download
Principles of Natural Justice and Interpretation of Deeds and Documents Shri Ajay Singh, Advocate Download
Rules governing construction of DTAAs, International Agreement, Treaties etc., Transfer Pricing provisions including Domestic Transfer Pricing CA Geeta Jani Download
Doctrines of res judicata, Estoppel, Binding Precedent, Merger Shri B. V. Jhaveri, Advocate Download
Operation, Expiry and Repeal of Statutes and General Clauses Act interpretation Shri V. Sridharan, Senior Advocate Download
Relevance of Legal Maxims in Interpretation of Tax Statutes Shri Nitesh Joshi, Advocate Download
10. Webinar on Finance Bill, 2017(Direct Tax Provisions) 8th February, 2017 Finance Bill - 2017, Direct Tax Provisions CA Ketan Vajani &
CA Ganesh Rajgopalan
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