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Sr.No Subject Event Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
1. FEMA Study Circle 7th September, 2017 ECB Guidelines Isha Sekhari Download
2. ISG on International Taxation jointly with SC on International Taxation Meeting 16th August, 2017 Overview of MLI and India's position on MLI Monika Wadhani Download
3. FEMA SC Meeting 2nd August, 2017 FDI & ODI by NRI CA Vishal Shah Download
4. 11th Residential Conference On International Taxation 22nd to 25th June, 2017
Technology & Profession Mr. Ashwin Kandoi Download
Multilateral Instruments Dr. Amar Mehta Download
Tax & regulatory implications of Investment vehicles, AIFs and other foreign investors Advocate Siddharth Shah Download
Case studies in Royalty / FTS including presumptive taxation CA Himanshu Parekh Download
Foreign Tax Credit CA Yogesh Thar Download
Transfer Pricing – Global experience CA T. P. Ostwal Download
Case studies on International Taxation Part 1 Advocate Nitesh Joshi Download
Case studies on International Taxation Part 2 CA Karishma Phatarphekar & CA Priya Murali Download
5. Basic course on FEMA & Taxation of Foreign Remittance 26th, 30th April & 6th, 7th May, 2017
Overview of FEMA CA Paresh P. Shah Download
Transfer Pricing - Law, Procedures & Penalties CA Umang Someshwar Download
DTAA - Treaty Models and how to read Treaty CA Mrugen Trivedi Download
DTAA - Computation of Income under Tax Treaty & domestic law CA N.C. Hegde Download
TDS - law & procedures under section 195 CA Naresh Ajwani Download
TDS - Practical issues of foreign remittance including uploading of 15CB and 15CA CA Rutvik Sanghavi
6. FEMA Study Circle Meeting 3rd May, 2017 FEMA provisions relating to immovable property in & outside India CA Natwar Thakrar Download
7. FEMA Study Circle Meeting 21st March, 2017 Capital and Current Account Transactions (including bank accounts) CA Natwar Thakrar Download
8. ISG on International Taxation Meeting jointly with SC on International Taxation and SC on Direct Tax 21st April, 2017 GAAR – A Case Study Analysis - Part 2 CA Ganesh Rajgopalan Download
20th March, 2017 GAAR – A Case Study Analysis - Part 1 CA Ganesh Rajgopalan Download
9. Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Domestic and International Tax Laws at Pune 4th March, 2017 Technical Session 1 -Amendments to India-Singapore/Cyprus/Mauritius DTAA CA Anup Shah Download
Technical Session 3 – International Tax Provisions relating to General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) Mr. V. Sridharan, Sr. Advocate Download
Technical Session 5 – Finance Bill – 2017 (International Tax Provisions including, POEM,CFO etc.) CA Vishal Gada Download
10. Study Circle on International Taxation 2nd March, 2017 Place of Effective Management (POEM) CA Bijal Desai Download
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