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Sr. No Subject Event Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
1. Seminar on Corporate Restructuring – Value Creation or Survival 20th January, 2017 1. Motives for Structuring, Innovative ways of Structuring and Strategy (including BEPS) and Accounting for Business Combinations
2. Fund Raising – Private Equity
3. Direct Taxation - Issues and Recent Developments - Domestic & International
4. Valuation – Importance and Issues
5. Role of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) & other Regulators
1. CA Amrish Shah
2. Mr. Bhavesh A. Shah
3. Mr. Vikram Naik
4. CA Pinkesh Billimoria
5. Mr. Sanjay Buch
21st January, 2017 1. Issues in Due Diligence
2. Corporatisation of non-corporate entities
3. Legal issues in Corporate Restructuring and Stamp Duty Implications
1. CA Vijaykumar Iyer
2. CA Umesh K. Gala
3.Mr. Sharad Abhyankar, Advocate
2. Full day Seminar on Alternative Fund Raising Options for Corporates 25th November, 2016 1. Understanding the Need and Purpose of Fund Raising, taking Decision on most appropriate structure
2. Fund Raising through Equity, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Preference Shares or any other such products - Understanding Issues, Negotiation Skill, threats and Documentation
3. Market Outlook Post Demonitisation
1. Mr. Abizer Diwanji
2. Mr. Bhavesh A. Shah
3. Mr. Manish Gunwani
3. Lecture Meeting on Internal Financial Control - Way Forward for Private Companies and Their Auditor 28th June, 2016 Internal Financial Control - Way Forward for Private Companies and Their Auditor CA Himanshu Kishnadwala Download
4. Half Day Seminar on Company Law 25th July, 2015 1) Company Audit Report incl. CARO, 2015
2) Schedule II, Cash Flow and exemption accorded to private Ltd. & other companies
CA Hasmukh Dedhia
CA Abhay Mehta
5. Study Course on Valuation 12th June, 2015 • Brief Background on Valuation of Immovable Properties, Plant & Machinery, Equipments, etc.
• Case Study
• Different Intangibles
• Valuation Methods of Intangibles
• Case Study on Intangible Valuation
Mr. Gautam Mirchandani, Director, RBSA Advisor
CA Ravishu Shah
CA Niraj Sanghvi (TCS)
Mr. Tehmasp Rustomjee
6. Study Course on Valuation 5th-6th June, 2015 1)Keynote Address
2) Overview of Valuation Methods and other important points
3) Case Study on Valuation
4)(a) Engagement Letter, Management Representation Letter and Valuation Reports
(b) Important Judicial Decisions Concerning Valuation
CA Parag Ved,
CA Pinkesh Billimoria,
CA Tejas Marfatia,
CA Anup Shah,
7. Half Day Seminar on SEBI / Securities Laws for Chartered Accountants 17th Oct, 2014 1) Basic cocepts of Securities Laws,
2) Takeover and Insider Trading Regulations
3) Clause 49 - Analysis fo Important,
4) Penalties and Settlement of Violations
1) CA Jayant Thakur,
2) Mr. Sharad Abhyankar, Advocat,
3) CA Shailesh Bathiya &
4) Mrs. Shailashri Bhaskar, Company Secretary
8. Lecture Meeting on Post Budget Impact on Capital Markets and Road Ahead 1st August, 2014 Post Budget Impact on Capital Markets and Road Ahead CA S. P. Tulsian Download
9. Study Course on Companies Act, 2013 28th June 2014 Account and Audit CA P. R. Ramesh Download
10. Study Course on Companies Act, 2013 28th June 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility CA Rakesh Agarwal, Vice President, Reliance Industry Ltd. Download
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