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1. Allied Laws Study Circle Meeting 16th February, 2018 Wills and Succession Ms. Loshika Bulchandani, Advocate Download
(zip file)
2. ISG on IND AS 13th December, 2017 IND AS 12 Income Taxes CA Pankaj Tiwari Download
3. ISG on IND AS 15th November, 2017 IND AS 16 - Property Plant and Equipment’s. CA Hemal Shah Download
4. 3 Days Conference on Real Estate Laws – Combating Challenges Arising Out of Various Laws 11th November, 2017 1. History and Overview of Laws Relating to Real Estate (Other than RERA) Shri Parimal Shroff, Advocate & Solicitor Download
2. Rights, Duties and Obligations of Promoters and Allottees under RERA
Promoters –
Who are and would be Promoters,
Rights of Promoters,
Duties and Obligations of Promoters,
Penalties and Punishment to Promoters
Allottees –
Who are and can be Allottees,
Rights of Allottees,
Duties and Obligations of Allottees,
Role of Regulatory Authorities
Shri Anil Harish
3. Important Provisions of Maharashtra Stamp Act and Registration Act relating to Real Estate Transactions Shri Anup Shah,
Chartered Accountant
4. Imprisonment and Penalty under RERA
- Promoters, Realty Firms’ Directors, Partners and Officer, Allottees
Dr. Dilip K. Sheth
Chartered Accountant
18th November, 2017 Redevelopment / Joint Development – Builder/Developer perspective
a) Issues while structuring transactions. What would be the ideal structure?
b) Tax Implications on developers/contractors
c) Stamp duty value vs. Fair market value vs. Transaction value-43CA
d) Implications of Benami Transactions Act
CA Shrenik Baid Download
Redevelopment / Joint Development – Landlord/Investor/society/buyer perspective
a) Tax Implications for landlords, societies, and members of society
b) What should be the ideal structure?
c) Stamp duty value vs. Fair market value vs. Transaction value
(Consideration and issues thereon in view of Section 50C, 43CA and 50D.)
CA Anil Sathe Download
Challenges in Revenue Recognition for real estate companies
a) Revenue from construction projects including composite contracts towards parking, club house amenities etc.
b) Accounting of non-cash considerations
CA. Jagdish Punjabi Download
25th November, 2017 Benefits allowable under Direct tax laws
a) Exemptions and deductions allowable (eg. Section 54, 54F, 54EC, etc)
b) Issues in claiming such exemptions and deductions
c) Issues in Depreciable assets.
CA Mahendra Sanghvi Download
Project funding and accounting dilemma
a) Classification of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities for real estate companies
b) Intra-group funding, Redeemable/Convertible instruments, funding instruments for SPV formed to managed real estate development
c) Recognizing Financial Guarantee Obligations
d) Asset retirement obligations for real estate companies
CA Zubin Billimoria Download
Issues under FEMA CA Paresh P. Shah Download
Panel Discussions with case studies covering all aspects by leading experts in the industry. Mr. K.K. Ramani, Advocate
Dr. K. Shivaram, Sr. Advocate
Mr. Bharat Raichandani, Advocate
5. ISG on IND AS 10th October, 2017 Ind As 37 – Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets CA Zubin Billimoria Download
6. Workshop on The insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 7th October, 2017 Over View of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy CA Abizer Diwanji Download
Presentation on Resolution Process Etc.. Ms. Jyoti Singh, Advocate Download
Liquidation Etc Dr.Rajendra Ganatra,PHD Download
7. Allied Law SC Meeting 10th August, 2017 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Mr. Ranit Basu, Advocate Download
8. ISG on IND AS 13th June, 2017 Financial Instruments - Financial assets and Liabilities, Initial and Subsequent Measurement CA Jayesh Gandhi Download
9. Workshop on Statutory Audit of Bank Branches and Practical Issues 1st April, 2017 Overview of Bank Branch Audit including LFAR and IRAC Norms/Prudential Norms CA Vipul Choksi Download
Auditing in CBS environment CA Hemant Parab Download
10. Intensive Study Group on IND-AS 16th March, 2017 IND-AS 101 – First Time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards – Case Studies and Implications (Part II) CA Zubin Billimoria Download
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