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Sr. No Subject Event Date Topic Contributor/Speaker Icon  
1. Allied Law SC Meeting 10th August, 2017 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Mr. Ranit Basu, Advocate Download
2. ISG on IND AS 13th June, 2017 Financial Instruments - Financial assets and Liabilities, Initial and Subsequent Measurement CA Jayesh Gandhi Download
3. Workshop on Statutory Audit of Bank Branches and Practical Issues 1st April, 2017 Overview of Bank Branch Audit including LFAR and IRAC Norms/Prudential Norms CA Vipul Choksi Download
Auditing in CBS environment CA Hemant Parab Download
4. Intensive Study Group on IND-AS 16th March, 2017 IND-AS 101 – First Time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards – Case Studies and Implications (Part II) CA Zubin Billimoria Download
5. Allied Law Study Circle Meeting 9th March, 2017 Issues Relating to Transfer, Transmission and Nomination in Case of co-operative
Housing Societies and Companies.
Mr. Swapnil Bangur, Advocate, Bombay High Court Download
6. Intensive Study Group on IND-AS 9th February, 2017 Part 1 - Ind-AS 101– First Time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards- Case Studies and Implications. CA Zubin Billimoria Download
7. Intensive Study Group on IND-AS 24th January, 2017 (i) Ind-As 110 – Consolidated Financial Statements
(ii) Ind-As 111 – Joint Arrangements
CA Hemal Shah Download
8. Certificate Training Course on IND - AS 12th, 19th, 26th November, 3rd, 10th, 17th December, 2016 1. Inaugral Session 1. Mr. Jamil Khatri Download
2.a- Ind AS - 101 - First Time Adoption of India Accounting Standard
b- Over GAAP difference, Illustrative Financial Statements
c- Ind AS - 2-inventories
d- IND AS - 37 - Provision, Contingents Liabilities and Contingents Assets
e- Ind AS - 33- Earning per share
f- Ind AS -21-the effects of changes in foreign exchange rates
g- Ind AS -108-operating segments
2. Mr. Zubin Billimoria
3. a- Ind AS -16-property,plant & equipment
b- Ind AS -40-investment property
c- Ind AS -17-leases
d- Ind AS -23-borrowing costs
e- Ind AS -38-intangible assets
f- ind as-36-impairment of assets
3.  Mr. Yagnesh Desai & Mr. Hemal Shah
4. a- Ind AS -18-revenue
b- Ind AS -11-construction contracts
c- Ind AS -113- fair value measurement
d- Ind AS -19-employee banefits
e- Ind AS -102-share-based payment
f- Ind AS -12-income taxes
4. Mr. Jayesh Gandhi
5. a- Ind AS -103-Bussiness combinations
b- Ind AS -110-consolidated financial statement
c- Ind AS -111-joint arrangments
e- Ind AS -112-disclosure of intrest in other wntities
f- Ind AS -27-seprate financial statements
g- Ind AS -28-investments in associates and joint ventures
5. Mr. Khozema Anajwalla
6. Ind AS -109-financial instruments 6. Mr. Vidhyadhar Kulkarni & Mrs. Anagha Thate Download
9. Demonetisation – Tax & Legal Issues a Public Meeting Addressed by Renowned Speakers 7th December, 2016 Income Tax Act, FEMA, PMLA, Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, Service Tax, VAT, Excise 1. Dr K. Shivaram
2. Mr. V. Sridharan
3. CA Pradip Kapasi
4. Dr. Dilip Sheth
5. CA Jayant Gokhale
10. Allied Law Study Circle Meeting 21st October, 2016 1. Resolving Legal dilemmas and practical difficulties in negotiating and concluding Share - Purchase/Shareholders Agreement 1. Mr. Sharad Abhyankar, Advocate Download
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